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Our social & environmental commitments

Because we know how to make a difference and have an impact,
our commitment to others is not just a word,
and don't stop there 

Be part of the change with us: 

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability is no longer a fad, it is now an imperative necessity.

What if you were part of this change of times and your business was transformed into a sustainable business?

The sustainability criteria for companies in the European Union are being significantly extended and reporting on this will be mandatory.

The purpose of your business activity will be questioned, the impacts of your business on the economy, environment and society, including human rights, will need to be identified, analyzed and mitigated or optimized.

The company's impact on sustainable development must be managed transparently. This process of transformation takes time, courage and motivation.

But we can do it!

Let's make sustainable development your business case and attract ESG investments!

It's time to share your vision, it's time to prepare.

GO 2 Consult is committed with you

% by principle: donations & waivers of income 

GO2C is dedicated to allocating 2.5% of its annual profits to charitable causes, with the percentage rising to 5% for revenue surpassing €100,000, and more if the heart desires!


Solidarity rounding

In some stores, you are offered to round up your payment to the next euro: this is solidarity rounding, allowing you to make a micro-donation to an association.

Pièces euro

Kleine Herzen

GO 2 Consult supports Kleine Herzen, a non-profit association that wants to offer a better future to underprivileged children in Ukraine and Cambodia


Your project

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Submit your solidarity project to us!

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