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With pleasure, 

GO Consult accompanies you

GO Consult provides and coordinates a wide range of efficient and friendly advice to help you and help your business grow.


Our sectors of intervention

Banks, insurances, partners

  • We seek with you the best financing, partners, customers and suppliers.

  • We support you in the search for grants

  • We direct you to the best insurance and professionals for your business

Invest in Austria

With its many partners GO Consult supports you from A to Z, to invest in Austria. 

We know the market, its culture, to realize your vision, or help you find the way

the know-how

We know the shortcuts, and we simply master the steps to your success, our common success. No guesswork, no hesitation, our network of experts has the answers and knows the way. 

Energy vs Time

Success comes with the optimization of resources, time, energy deployed to achieve your results, alone, ... or, ... well accompanied. 

"Because no one is obliged to do the impossible": let us help you. 

Our address book

Since  more than 20 years in Austria, we have practiced our professions with high standards, and met "a few people", many friendly and highly professional experts. We offer you this address book and the security of investing in quality services, at your service. 

Our experts have the smile.

Just because you're an expert doesn't mean you're not pleasant or likeable.


At GO Consult we favor people, and it shows. 

Our expertise


Digital and performance

We offer you to do exactly that: the operational implementation of your roadmap, refined with you, by offering you expertise, supported by the most modern, efficient tools, and necessary for your success._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Strategy and management

On the one hand, the roadmap: Determine the goals and fundamental long-term objectives, put in place the actions and allocate the resources necessary to achieve the said goals; 

On the other the moperational implementation of this strategy: planning, organization, direction and control of the organization as a whole, so that it achieves its qualitative and quantitative objectives.

a before - an after 

Calling on GO Consult is the insurance for you to define and achieve your objectives. "Let's hack your growth" together,   with a certain return on investment. 

Transformation of organizations

Transforming an organization first means changing its organizational framework, a system made up of three elements: a strategic project (the determination of the goal), an organizational structure (the distribution of roles) and a management system (the animation and energy flow)

You have a project? 

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