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Accounting & tax expertise
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Cabinet Direction 

GO - Grellier Olivier, MiM

Business Owner, GO Consult

Reliable advice based on 20 years of experience and expertise  in positions of increasing responsibility, for Austrian, French and international multinationals; and this in international financial management within business administration, finance and accounting, financial project management, HR, IT, purchasing, financing, development.


Olivier accompanies you in particular in the following areas:

  • Consulting in business creation and development

  • Design, planning

  • Vision determination and realization

  • Business control and optimization

  • Business Sparring Partner individual of leaders

Olivier brings an international perspective to the market and the Austrian mentality that he knows well. 

CO & Subs
Controlling and Subsidy

Controlling & Subsidy

control management

Your family doctor takes care of your personal health with you and draws up your very personal treatment plan for you on the basis of a joint interview, an initial examination and a more in-depth diagnosis.

As a management controller and grant manager, we do the same for your company. We take care of the financial health of your business!



According to your wishes, we take care of

  • keeping all of your accounts or

  • the establishment of the annual accounts from the accounts that you keep - in this case, you have either the possibility of making your entries in your own system, or of making them online on our system, which has the advantage that the closing entries are integrated into your accounts without the need for subsequent entries.

  • In addition to basic bookkeeping, there are various possibilities to organize your bookkeeping to your advantage. For example, it is possible to create sub-accounts for certain debtors and creditors. In this context, we can also, if you wish, take care of reminders.

  • Cost accounting can make a significant contribution to effective business management; we can of course also help you in this area.

  • Dunning service

  • Advance VAT declarations and summary declarations

  • Fixed asset accounting

  • Revenue and expense accounting

HR  - Human Ressources

Human resources

HR Manager

HR managment:

Due to continuous changes, payroll requirements have risen sharply in recent years. In addition to technical skills, practical experience is essential in this field. We attach great importance to these two aspects, which is why even colleagues entrust us with the personnel accounting for them and their clients.


In this area, we provide you with all the essential services: Learn more

HR Development: 

People are far more productive and successful when they have jobs that match their skills.

We strengthen your managers and employees in their personality as well as in their skills, through individual or group coaching on a complete list of essential topics: Learn more



IT Management

  • Work efficiently 

  • IT support

  • Saving data

  • Website development

  • Hosting web 

  • GDPR

Cost optimization & sustainable supplies

Cost optimization
& sustainable supplies

Procurement & Contact management

  • product search

  • service search 

  • customer search

  • search for partners


Accounting & tax expertise

financial management

Reliable advisers in the field of tax law and taxes, which are always more complex and constantly evolving. We support you in particular in the following areas:

  • Business creation advice

  • Tax design and planning to minimize the tax burden

  • Current accounting and staff invoicing

  • Tax optimization of the company structure

  • Tax optimization of private assets

  • Planning and structuring the succession of a business, company or medical practice

  • Enterprise Control

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Dev. Durable


Sustainability Consultant

Oxford University & GRI Certified Sustainability Professional (2022)

  • ESG Strategy - development

  • Impact Management – framework setting

  • ESG Reporting - GRI Standards 2021, ESRS

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • International Public Affairs & Cooperation, Strategic Alliances

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Non-verbal negotiation training, in German.

With your attitude, your facial expression, your gestures and your movements, you send non-verbal messages which are not always perceived as you intended.

Do you want to assert yourself? Don't let your intentions show.

Looking to build a relationship? So, proximity is essential.

  • To present

  • Negotiate

  • Resolve conflicts

Find out more from GO 2 Consult and get an advantageous recommendation !

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