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Brewery Brothers
Solitude ?


Things are in place, ... hummm ... or almost ? 

Do you experience the loneliness of the peaks? 



Don't panic, I'll be by your side !

Strong of my multiple professional experiences (CFO, team manager, investor and member of management committees)in many branches(press, events, automotive, transport, banking, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, communications, collective catering, retail,...) and my rich, varied and even unique personal experiences(expatriation, travel, multicultural marriage, classical musical training at the music conservatory,  karate, tennis and rugby competitor),I work with entrepreneurs, managers and their management committees as a "sparring-partner"to challenge with depth, pragmatism, the concrete development of the vision of their business project, as well as the definition and implementation of solutions, development and growth strategies. 

Unlike an executive-coach who adopts a different approach,the sparring-partner offers suggestions, alternative options for action, feedback and ideas, to leaders who are often alone,to "alphas" who can develop paranoia, vertigo and frustrations, not without reason. With him no bad shots, no fear of going to the mat, or losing his title.The sparring-partner advises without ulterior motive or calculation, for the good of the manager and the company. 


With 20 years of expatriation as a Frenchman in Vienna, Austria, I speak German and Austrian(s), and you will benefit from my experience, my knowledge of the market and its pitfalls.

The sparring partner, for example, acts as a training partner when simulating complex (high-stakes decision-making, reorganizations, negotiations) or stressful (public speaking, communication, negotiation interview, performance review) situations whose engagement or resolution can be greatly facilitated and improved by training.

Feedback from the sparring partner allows managers or management teams to take stock of their strengths and areas of skills to be strengthened. They also allow them to develop greater confidence in the prospect of the obstacle to be overcome. 

Moreover, by intervening as opponent, or by taking the position of your negotiating partner, the sparring-partner facilitates the consideration of new perspectives and the emergence of new solutions often more comprehensive and innovative. 

As your sparring partner, my role is therefore to allow the skills development in dealing with the issues, subjects and leeway for decision-making and tailored actions. 

Training topics such as culture of management, communication, development of strategies, reality on the ground in subsidiaries, or strategic thinking are my favorite areas of intervention.

Let's be together the "Kings of the Ring"


at your service 

Olivier Grellier,MiM

Forces & Axes
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